Human Resources Management (HCM/HR)

Human Capital Management

Enter Everything Only Once!

Simplify the management of your employees with our robust, tested system HR system that’s fully integrated with payroll. Easily track FMLA, attendance, benefits, pay grades, company property and more.
Our Advanced HR system includes:

  • Electronic tracking of personal/employment information, disciplinary matters, training, certifications/licenses, etc.
  • Advanced PTO tracking.
  • Tracking of employee licenses – notifies you when training and/or license renewals are due.
  • Automation of the recruiting process, including a robust applicant tracking system to keep candidates and documents organized.
  • Paperless onboarding in which new hires complete all paperwork electronically (I-9, W-4, direct deposit, etc).
  • Online Benefits Management – administer benefit plans and enrollments.
  • Electronic delivery of company documents and the employee’s confirmation of receipt.
  • An employee portal where employees can update personal information, tax withholdings, direct deposit details, etc.
  • Our HR Support Center, an online service providing access to HR tools, including customized/branded job descriptions, employee handbooks, forms, etc.

Find a complete list of our HR features here.