Help Your Staff (Without Micromanaging)

When we see someone who is overwhelmed, our first thought might be to tell them to get it together, but that is hardly helpful. As a manager, it is your job to encourage your staff and help them with their burdens in a constructive way. And just doing the work for them doesn’t help. How can you help your staff be less overwhelmed with their day-to-day work? Let’s take a look.

  •  Redirect priorities. If you’ve ever felt the pressure of burnout, you’ll know that it comes when you’ve simply taken on too much and feel a pressure to do everything. If your staff can’t function, it is your job to direct them in a better way. Determine the priorities and focus on what matters most.
  • Change workload. Some people have a hard time saying no, and some employers take full advantage of this. While an employee should have ownership over what they agree to, it can also fall on the manager’s shoulders to make sure they’re not asking for too much work, too often.
  • Reduce interruptions. Time management can also be a big challenge for employees. They are fully capable of managing their own time, but unscheduled interruptions may get in the way quickly. Allow them time during the day to work without checking email or voice mail.
  • Overhaul meetings. Along the same lines, meetings can be one of the least productive ways to spend time in the office. Meetings go longer than anticipated or they become a forum for grievances. Alter your approach and have fewer, shorter meetings to keep the real work on schedule.
  • Lead by example. If you’re feeling stressed and it shows, it is no wonder that your team is mirroring that back to you. They need to see that you are calm under pressure. Before you can manage their schedule or workload, make sure you have a handle on your own. The more confident you are, the more at ease your staff will be.

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