International Payroll Services

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Payroll Solutions for International Employees

Whether your company is US-based with employees outside of the United States, or located in another country with employees in the United States, our International Services team has payroll solutions ready for you!

  • For non-US companies with employees inside the United States, we can provide a provide a full, partial, or shadow payroll in the US. If desired, we can process payroll through our US bank account, eliminating the need for you to open a bank account in the US.
  • For US companies with employees outside of the United States, we can process payroll in over 165 countries. There are two options:
    1. You employ the local workers and we provide a fully managed payroll service. This method is useful when you already have a business entity in the foreign country.
    2. We employ the workers on your behalf. This method is useful if you don’t yet have a business entity or bank account in the foreign country. It is a way for you to legally employ local workers without establishing a business presence in the foreign country.