Payroll Reviews

payroll reviews


Payroll Reviews


Natasha Paradeshi, The Landing

We are so thankful to have found Aloha Payroll! Their staff are personable, professional and timely. We feel completely comfortable leaving our payroll process in their hands. Tom and Nicole are also extremely patient. We’ve had more questions than most people probably do when deciding on a payroll processor, but they did not make us feel like our questions were frustrating at all. When looking into different payroll options, we immediately saw the benefit in going with a local payroll processor. Our face to face interactions have create more trust between us. We love Aloha’s personality and that they actually care about us as people – not just as a sale. We highly recommend Aloha payroll as they’ve been a huge blessing to us!


Debra Mosbacher, Accredited Hospices of America

Our organization has very complex payroll requirements that are constantly changing. Aloha Payroll manages all of payroll and regulatory reporting, insuring that all deadlines are met. Aloha Payroll has created a multi-faceted system for us that meets our specialized needs. Aloha Payroll’s attention to detail as they learned our business impressed me right from the start.

The staff are true “problem solvers” who pay great attention to detail. They are professional, flexible and accurate. Our dedicated Aloha Payroll team is easily accessible; and because of their breadth of knowledge, decisions can be made in record time. This doesn’t happen when you are dealing with a sales person who isn’t knowledgeable enough to discuss the solutions required for our complex payroll requirements.

We would never consider using another payroll service because of the customer service we receive. Our client relationship is valued by Tom and his team. We are not just an “account” number dialing a call center offshore. I highly recommend Tom and his team for any organization’s payroll service needs.


Bob Casey, The Ridge Group

When I think of Aloha Payroll I think reliable, responsive and accurate. We have used Tom Rathjen and his payroll services since 2001. We couldn’t be more pleased with his team and the service they provide. Aloha Payroll provides us with excellent customer service, particularly when we’ve needed occasional flexibility with deadlines. The Aloha Payroll team is a great partner. Consistently they have provided great service and have exceeded our expectations of a payroll service provider. I highly recommend them.


Mike May, US Geophysical

We are a growing company with both salaried and hourly staff who work in many different capacities. We have been using Aloha Payroll since 2014.

We are frequently hiring new people. Incorporating new employees into our payroll system requires virtually no effort because I use Aloha Payroll.

Whenever we hire a new person, we simply give them a link to a web page to access the enrollment forms. Completed forms are then uploaded directly to Aloha Payroll through their secure link. It’s hands-free hiring!

As a business owner, I am swamped tending to day-to-day aspects of my company. Aloha Payroll makes my life easier by:

  • Handling all of my payroll and its associated record-keeping.
  • Paying my employees on time and accurately.
  • Managing all government deductions and reporting perfectly, with no effort on my part.
  • Ensuring our employees receive their end-of-the-year W-2’s and 1099’s in January.
  • Securely storing data and records of everything so we are always ready for any audit by the state or federal government.

Customer service is excellent. When I send an email I get a response within 24 hours (although it is usually the same day). When I call, the telephone is answered by someone who knows what they are doing and can take immediate action.

I admit that on more than one occasion, we have been late sending in our timesheets –  Aloha Payroll staff stayed late and worked overtime to ensure our employees still got paid on time. That sort of customer service is hard to come by.

I like working with a local payroll provider as opposed to working with a big national payroll company because I know everyone at Aloha Payroll, and they all know me. I do not feel like just a number, and everything I need gets done quickly and easily.

There is absolutely nothing more I could wish for in a payroll service. I whole-heartedly recommend Aloha Payroll to any business.


Phil Sudan, Law Offices of Phil Sudan

Aloha Payroll is consistently accurate and responsive to our needs. I can easily get in touch with our representative if I have a question or need to make a change to our payroll. I imagine there are other payroll companies out there that can provide similar services, but the personalized attention I receive as a client is beyond compare.

After more than decade of working with them, I haven’t a single complaint. Working with a local provider has proven to be invaluable – I can reach them directly, anytime. Any business is sure to be pleased with their professionalism, accessibility and attention to detail.


Ben Cooper, New Guard Coatings

New Guard Coatings found Aloha Payroll by searching online, and as a new company in the Greater Houston area they have been instrumental in getting us started. Tom and Nicole are a pleasure to deal with, and their payroll software is incredibly user-friendly and easy to understand. Employees are everything to a business, and getting them paid on time is fundamental – with Aloha Payroll and the people behind it, we are able to focus on other areas of the business, knowing this will be taken care of accurately and on time every time we need it.