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Time & Attendance and Scheduling

TimeWorks Plus – Our cloud-based time and attendance software makes tracking time and attendance easier than ever.

Aloha Payroll offers an array of timeclock solutions that include keypad entry, swipe cards, biometric scans and online submittals via computers, tablets and mobile devices. Timekeeping data is electronically transferred to the payroll system, meaning the days of tedious, manual payroll entry are a thing of the past. Ask today about the customized and affordable timekeeping and attendance solutions Aloha Payroll has available for you.

TimeSimplicity – Scheduling just got a whole lot easier!

Dread the monotony and complexity inherent to scheduling? Loathe tracking employees’ eligibility for shifts, requested time off, shift changes and more? We have a better way! Our drag-and-drop scheduling is an easy-to-use time saver. Our time and attendance scheduling option tracks employees’ skill sets and certifications, and then fills shifts with the best available staff. Mobile notifications make it easy to get the word out when you have a last-minute shift to fill. Alerts notify managers when an employee is nearing overtime, or if there are too many people at work. Staff shift change requests, and manager approvals, are seamlessly made online. Learn all about this great product by scheduling a demo with us today!